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Mon. Jul 7th 2014
9th Annual Golf Outing

Plans are underway for the 9th Annual Golf Outing benefiting Hazle Twp Fire and Rescue, Nuremburg Weston Fire Co and Sheppton...

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Tue. Apr 1st 2014
Hazle twp Wins the Robeson Cup

Hazle Twp Fire Co Bowling team 2 took home the illustrious Robeson Cup on Sunday at the 9th annual Bowling for the Brave. We ...

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Sun. Mar 30th 2014
Foundation 58 Bowling Tournament

On Sunday at Chacko's Bowling alley, the 9th annual Foundation 58 bowling tournament will be held. Once again this year, ...

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– The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is reminding the public to use safe grilling practices as the peak months for grilling fires approach – June and July. Gas grills constitute a higher risk, having been involved in an annual average of 6,200 home fires in 2004-2008, while charcoal or other solid-fueled grills were involved in an annual average of 1,300 home fires.

“Summer barbecues can be a great time, but nobody wants to see a fun backyard event spoiled by fire,” said Lorraine Carli, vice president of communications for NFPA. “There are many simple measures you can take to prevent damage to property, injury, and death related to grilling fires.”

In 2009, roughly 17,700 patients went to emergency rooms because of injuries incurred by grill usage. Of about 9,400 thermal burns, children under five made up about one-quarter. These mostly occurred when children touched or bumped the grill.

For gas grill injuries, about a third were burns that stemmed from lighting the grill, while gasoline or lighter fluid was a factor in about a quarter of charcoal or wood burning grill burns.

NFPA offers the following grilling safety tips:

Only use propane and charcoal grills outside of the home – never use them indoors
Make sure the grill is positioned well away from the home and/or deck railings, and that it is not underneath any eaves or overhanging branches. It should also be far from any lawn games, play areas, or foot traffic.
Establish a child- and pet-free zone around the grill of at least three feet.
Use grilling tools that have long handles, which will allow more clearance from the flames.
Remember to clean fat and grease off the grill and from trays underneath it regularly in order to reduce the risk of it igniting.
Never leave the grill unattended.
Gas grills

Before using the grill for the first time each year, check the gas tank hose for leaks. To do this, apply a light soap and water solution to the hose and turn the tank on. If the hose releases bubbles, this indicates a propane leak. If you find a leak:
 turn the gas tank off.
if the leak stops, bring your grill to a professional to be serviced before further use.
 if the leak does not stop, call the fire department.
If you smell gas while using the grill, get away from the grill immediately and call the fire department.
Do not store propane tanks indoors in houses or garages. If storing your grill indoors during the winter months, disconnect the cylinder and leave it outside.
Only use equipment bearing the label of a recognized testing laboratory. Use the manufacturer’s instructions regarding assembly, use, and proper care of the grill.
Charcoal grills

If using a “charcoal chimney” to light charcoal for grilling, use a long match to avoid burning your fingers while lighting the paper. 
Never add starter fluid to coals or kindling that have already been ignited – and use only charcoal starter fluid. Never use gasoline or any other flammable liquid.
Keep charcoal fluid away from heat sources and out of reach of children.
When finished grilling, wait for the coals to cool completely and then dispose of them in a metal container.
For more safety tips, videos, facts and figures, and audio clips, please visit

About the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
NFPA is a worldwide leader in fire, electrical, building, and life safety. The mission of the international nonprofit organization founded in 1896 is to reduce the worldwide burden of fire and other hazards on the quality of life by providing and advocating consensus codes and standards, research, training, and education. Visit NFPA’s website at  www.nfpa.orgfor more information.

**Reminder: No open burning of any kind is permitted in Hazle Twp** To report open burning, contact the fire station at 570-454-3411 or dial 9-1-1







Recent Calls
Truck Co on 2nd alarm To Wright Twp highlights a busy day
Mon. Apr 14th 2014
Around 3pm Monday, the Tower was dispatched to Church Rd in Wright Twp for a working house fire which turned into a 2nd alarm. While Tower 7 was operating, a commercial box was dispatched for the Red Cross on Susquehanna Blvd in West Hazleton for a building fire. Upon further investigation it was fo...

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Butler Twp Residential Job
Wed. Apr 2nd 2014
Around 330am this morning, a first alarm assignment was transmitted in Butler Twp on422  East County Rd- Ochs farm for a house fire. The incident quickly escalated to a full second alarm per VRFR Deputy James who had a large thermal column in the air and arrived to find the 2 1/2 story wood fra...

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Freeland Chimney Fire
Mon. Mar 24th 2014
1723 hrs. Luzerne County tapped the Freeland Residential Structure box for 1029 Ridge St Freeland for chimney fire. Tower 7 staged on the bravo side with 136 Truck. Engine 3 was assigned by 136 command Stepansky on North & Ridge at the plug. ...

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Damenti's Restraurant North Hunter Hwy Drums
Mon. Mar 17th 2014
22:35: Luzerne Co. 9-1-1 transmitted a structure box for Dament'is Restaurant- Butler Twp. Tower 5 followed by the tanker went enroute and additional was for a working fire in the kitchen area. The box was quickly elevated to a 2nd alarm response when a portable unit arrived to report heavy fir...

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Rescue 141 assists Butler Twp- Valley Regional
Sun. Feb 23rd 2014
0653 hrs Valley Regional Captain J. Minzola requested Hazle Twp Rescue along with numerous EMS units for high speed crash with entrapment and several class one victims. Rescue arrived to provide traffic and fluid control. C1 Kostician, C2 Marsicano & C3 Jason Zoshak responded with crew of additi...

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